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Appointment Reminders

Remind your customers about their appointments by sending them a text message reminder the day before. It is easy. Just upload a file with the customer phone number, name, appointment date, and appointment time. Type your message and send it.

Or, Run a survey with an IVR campaign. Just upload a file with the customer phone numbers and construct your interactive voice response campaign. We will help you construct your IVR campaign if needed. Send it and then gather the results as they come in.

Your user ID for our service will be your email address.

Your password will be sent to you by text msg and email.

You will be able to login immediately after you signup.

You will already have a $5 credit, so you can begin sending messages immediately.

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That is enough to send up to 80 text messages for FREE! It is a great way to try the service without any obligation. Never a monthly fee.

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