Upload a file containing your contacts or calendar. Microsoft Excel, vCard or CSV file formats. For calendars, you can import iCal files.

Type your text message, construct your appointment reminder (IVR) or record your voice message using your phone.

Run your campaign and then review the reports. Gather data from the questions asked in your IVR message.

About us

Reminders are so helpful. Reminders about your dentist appointment. Reminders about schedule changes at work or school. People already know how important it is to keep in contact with their customers, clients and friends. It is our desire to make you realize how easy it is to send reminders. We also wanted to make it very affordable. Reminders for the masses! We are passionate about our service. We want to make you successful. Reminders make a statement about you and your business. It shows that you are connected with your clients or customers. A little reminder really is powerful.


How do I pay?

With Visa, Mastercard, American Express or your PayPal account. All payments are processed using PayPal.top

Do I need to have a paypal account?

No. You can pay with a credit card using the "Buy Now" button. When you get redirected to paypal, just choose the "Don't have a paypal account" link an then enter your credit card information as usual.top

Is there a monthly fee?

No. You pay only for what you use. Load your account with some money up front, and then your account will be charged for each message sent.top

What file formats are suppored for address books?

CSV, Microsoft Excel, vCard.top

What file formats are suppored for calendars?

CSV, Microsoft Excel, iCal, ICS and also your Google calendar.top

How do I find the URL to my Google calendar?

In Calendar Settings, click on the Private Address ICAL button. Step by step instructions.top

How do I find the URL to my Yahoo calendar?

Just select Edit Calendar and it will show in the overlay. Step by step instructions.top

How do I find the URL to my Hotmail calendar?

Just select Calendar menu and click share, select your calendar and it will show in the overlay. Step by step instructions.top

How do I add my own recordings?

Our system will call your cell phone and you can create the records right from your phone. The recordings get uploaded instantly.top

Can I send text message?

Yes. Your message can be made personal by injecting your clients name. Or for an appointment the date and time can be injected into the message.top

What is an IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR). An IVR allows you to collect information from for client/customer. For example, Press 1 to confirm your appointment. The results of an IVR can then be reviewed by you in a report.top

What information does an Address Book contain?

Phone Number, First Name, Last Nametop

What information does a Calendar contain?

Calendars are for appointments. Appointments include a date and a time. They also have a title (or persons name) and a phone number. The phone number is usually stored in the note field. top

What is the caller ID associated with a text message?

This short code: 46767 Because of this, it is critical for you to include in your text message who the message is from. For example: Your appointment is on April 4 at 3 pm. Dr. Smith's office top


Phone Support

If you need help, we are
here to assist you. Every Day, 8-5 Central

Fully Automated

Add your Contacts or Calendars.
Add your message and Send. The system
will execute your campaigns within a few
minutes and you will be able to review a report.


You can schedule your recorded audio messages or your text-to-speach (IVR) reminders to be run at a data/time in the future. Create it today and
have it sent tomorrow.


Type your message and our system will read your message to your clients.

On-line Calendar Update

You can add the appointments on your Google, Yahoo or Hotmail calendar with just a few clicks. And you can update with your calendar with just 1 click.


Easily add your address book data. Just export your data to a vCard file and then import.


Notify clients about their appointments
and allow them to Confirm, Cancel or Reschedule using 1, 2 or 3 on their phone.

Date and Time

Upload your calendar and then inject DATE and TIME information in your text messages.

No Monthly Fee

Pay only for what you use. Send messages for only a few cents.

Hablar español

We support text to speach in a spanish voice

Contact Form

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Phone: 855-257-2251

Overview - sendaquickreminder.com

This video tutorial explains the features of the application, The usage of import contact, sending remainders through text and using voice, the usage of IVR to act as per customer response.

Creating IVR appointment remainder

This video tutorial explains the step by step process to Create IVR appointment remainder with sendaquickremainder.com.

vCard Upload

This video tutorial explains the step by step process to Create vCard upload using sendaquickremainder.com.


That is enough to send up to 80 text messages for FREE! It is a great way to try the service without any obligation. Never a monthly fee.

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